Attack targeting students is the worst form of intolerance: Kanthapuram


Malappuram: Grand Mufti of India Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar said that the attacks targeting eminent educational institutes and its students and teachers are the worst forms of intolerance. He was delivering the keynote address at the Saquafi scholars meet organised to Jamia Markaz’s 43rd anniversary to be held in the coming April.
He said that our ancestors are part of this county since the origin of Islam, and the constitution has allotted equal rights to every citizen. A country in this unpredictable technological development is needed the brightest youngsters to grow fastly, and if students feel fear that will deeply affect India’s future. So, the government’s fundamental duty is making people confident and initiate numerous project for the welfare of society. He added that Muslims still hopefully looking forward to changing CAA. 

He announced as part of the conference Markaz knowledge Cities major projects will be opened to the people. He said Markaz knowledge city will be the largest cultural and educational city in South India. The main theme conference intended is a sustainable society and for that movement, 1 million trees will be planted across India.

KPH Thangal chaired the conference. Sayed Ibraheemul Khaleel Buqari inaugurated. Ponamala Abdul Khadir Musliyar, Sayed Muhammed Thurab, Shafi Saquafi Mundampra, Rahmathulla Saqafi Elamaram talked.