Civic nationalism is India’s tradition: Dr Anil Sethi

Dr Anil Sethi lectures on 'We, the people, and India Today' at Jamia Markaz

Kozhikode: Dr Anil Sethi, prominent historian, said that Civic Nationalism enrooted by the visions of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru was the truest tradition of India, and what now turbulently progressing is the forms of Religious Nationalism.  He was delivering a lecture on  ‘We, the people, and India Today’ organised at Jamia Markaz on the International Education Day. 

Dr Sethi said that the right-wing’s majority in parliament is not an approval for shifting India to a narrowed Nation. Those who demeaning India and make people unhopeful are not apt to drive the country.  The peaceful protests led by students strengthened across the country surely are welcoming, such massive movements will result positively. We should not let the aggressive religious nationalism to destroy the constitution of India. 
He praised the educational activities of Jamia Markaz which he described as the classic example of empowering marginalised people.
C Muhammed Faizy, the General Manager of Jamia Markaz presided over. Dr Abdul Hakkim Azhri, Muhammed Unais, Muhammed Ali N, Ubaidulla Saqafi and Muhammed Dilshad spoke.