Living together, helping each other, Jamia Markaz way

J&k Students in Kerala's gesture.


‘Service to Mankind is Service to God’. True. Islam too stresses this point where one should help and serve others during difficult situations, be it Muslim or a non-Muslim. Keeping this in mind, the students of Jamia Markaz, whose home state is Jammu and Kashmir, now pursuing their studies in Kozhikode volunteered to lend a hand to clean up the water-logged dwellings and schools at Chengamanad panchayat in Ernakulam district.
Perhaps the 2014 floods that played havoc on the lives and properties of J&K people impacted the students here to extend all possible help to bring flood hit victims back to normal life. Initially, the students of Kashmiri Home, a globally acclaimed Islamic educational Institution headed by Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musaliyar, teamed up to clean up the houses that were in shambles following flood fury. And they targeted to commence their relief work from Chengamanad panchayat under the guidance of local people and elected representatives. The students were divided into seven teams to make things faster in cleaning the dwellings facilitating the residents to occupy soon. And the school premises were also cleaned. Uwais Ahmed took the lead in carrying out relief operations since he had experience in a similar situation in his home state Jammu and Kashmir four years ago when the entire state was totally devastated due to flash floods that rendered thousands of people in the Himalayan range homeless.Recounting the black day in J&K, he said that he alongwith members from voluntary organisation were involved in relief operations like cleaning the dwellings besides offering them food and essential medicines and added that this experience came in handy for them to help flood hit people in Kerala. The team members while carrying out relief work ensured that there was no breakout of epidemics putting the people in a spot. And the students with the help of health department staff took preventive steps to ensure flood hit victims weren’t affected by any water-borne disease due to consistent rains. Meanwhile, Chengamanad panchayat president Dileep Kaprassery expressed his gratitude to Kashmiri students from Jamia Markaz for their timely help in restoring the houses of flood hit victims in order. Jamia Markaz Knowledge City CEO Dr Abdusalam offered full support to the students in their relief work while not to speak of the technical guidance offered by Muhammed Rafi Noorani of Jamia Markaz engineering wing, who accompanied the students during the relief work. The students received accolades from the residents and the panchayat administration for rendering voluntary service in the relief operations.