Sharia City began its functioning in Markaz Knowledge City

Launched a number of advanced courses in the valley of wisdom


Kozhikode:  Sharia City, a new institute in Markaz Knowledge City for Islamic and modern academic studies got its formal beginning on last Sunday. Sheikh Abubaker Ahamed, Chancellor of Jamia Markaz, inaugurated the bachelor programme in Sharia and Modern Law for 50 students by conveying them some great messages from Prophetic Tradition. The students who got admitted in the programme are those who have completed their higher secondary courses and corresponding Islamic course from Jamiathul Hind Al Islamiyya, a system of the university that adjoins Islamic graduate and secondary colleges in India.

The ceremony was inaugurated by Ponmala Abdul Qader Musliyar, the dean of Sharia City. ‘learning Islamic jurisprudence is an integral segment of Islamic sciences as it traverses the whole aspects of human life on the planet’ he noted. ‘There seem a plenty of laws practised all over the world that are meant for regulating human activities and interventions. The sharia city aims to nurture scholars who, along with pursuing bachelor studies on the law from Markaz Law College, become well command in Islamic Law and other branches of Islamic Knowledge and do their best to serve the pluralistic society and keep secular values in many ways. Those scholars would be able to bravely face the challenges of the globalizing world with good insights in mind’ he elaborated.

The five-year bachelor programme (hons.) is designed in a way that students would complete the sharia studies along with graduation in BBA/ and LLB from.

The school of sharia and law, the post-graduate department, is expected to start its functioning after the holy month of Ramadan, said a press release from Sharia City office. Students who have a bachelor degree in any of the modern academic disciplines and Islamic studies are eligible to get enrolled in its Post-Graduation Programme of two years. Sharia city would facilitate opportunities for those who successfully completed these programmes, to pursue their PhD research programmes in 10 national and international universities which have affiliations with Jamia Markaz. Sharia City would open doors for its students during their studies here, to take part in academic workshops, seminars, student exchange programmes and conferences. Notably, sharia city designed its courses after having thoroughly examined the curricula and syllabuses of major international Islamic universities. And it’s going to set up a public library in its premises with the generous support from the general public.

 Dr A. P Abdul Hakeem Azhary delivered the keynote, explaining the courses and academic structure in detail. Dr Faruq Saqafi Kottumala, Ali Baqavi Attupuram and Abdu Rahman Darimi Kuttampara attended the event.