should be given the severest punishments: Kanthapuram


Kozhikode: The heinous murder of Asifa, an 8 years old girl who belongs to Gujjar nomad Community in Jammu and Kashmir, is one of the atrocious crimes India ever faced and all evil culprits who gang-raped and brutally killed her should be given the severest punishments: Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar, the General Secretary of All India Sunni Jamiyaythul Ulama stated in a press release. There had many agendas behind the kidnapping and murdering the little girl. Threatening the minority community Gujjars and excluding them from the mainstream are included in the plans of extremists, who also used a Hindu temple to commit all the brutalities. The girl’s Muslim identity was another factor in the incident. It is terrible that Police officers have also been included in the culprits and two ministers were joined in a rally which was organised in support of the criminals of the incident. Another disastrous fact is that Bar Council of the state has been standing against the lawyer who argues for the little girl Asifa. This kind of totally inhumane actions from such police and lawyer institutions questions the morality of our citizen’s security systems. I demand to the central government and the Jammu Kashmir state government that a faultless agency should be consigned to investigate the crime as soon as earlier and all those who apparently or hiddenly involved in the crime should be given the hardest punishments. That is the only way to justify to the little angel Asifa, her desperate parents and the terrible Gujjar nomads: Kanthapuram said.